Emacs for NeXT/Open/GNUstep / MacOS X Authorship

This page lists those responsible for porting GNU Emacs to NeXTstep and hence to OpenStep, Rhapsody, MacOS X, and finally GNUstep. (See project page.)
Carl Edman
original author and maintainer, mainly UI

Michael Brouwer
heavy contributor, input handling and other areas

Christian Limpach
help / maintenance on NeXTstep

Scott Bender
OpenStep, Rhapsody ports

Christophe de Dinechin
MacOS X port

Adrian Robert
GNUstep port, update from 20 to unicode-2

Others (small patches, suggestions, etc.)
Rahul Abrol, Andrew Athan, Timothy Bissell, Carsten Borman, Darcy Brockbank, Peter Dyballa, Scott Byer, David M. Cooke, Adam Fedor, David Griffiths, Scott Hess, Fred Kiefer, M. Uli Klusterer, Alexander Malmberg, Eberhard Mandler, Jonas Matton, Andrew Moore, Riccardo Mottola, Yamamoto Mitsuharu, John C. Randolph, Adam Ratcliffe, Joe Reiss, Gürkan Sengün, Bradley Taylor